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Organic Waste Converter manufacturer, riteways brings to you an easy to use system that produces highly nutritious, fully digested ready to use, earthy smell compost made from household kitchen and garden waste.
TALLBOY OWC'S (organic waste converters) now available locally at Guwahati, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore
400 children from class 3 & 4 assembled in their auditorium, to learn about waste management. 20 children were randomly picked from the audience and invited to stage. On the stage we created, side by side, a Kitchen and a Bedroom. Both the Kitchen and the Bedroom had a waste bin & a table each. On the Kitchen table we kept a plate with banana & each child on the stage was asked to pick up the plate, go to the dining table [kept at center stage], eat the banana and after eating remove the plate from dining table. Out of the 20 participants, 1 threw the banana peel in Bedroom bin, 3 of them threw it in the Kitchen bin and 16 of them kept the plate back [with banana peel] on Kitchen table. We were able to show the audience, that all food waste went to kitchen, without us telling them to take it there.
BBMP's aggressive campaign in Bangalore, "Divide & Rule" shows that there is a lot of seriousness about composting the kitchen & garden waste. riteways offers easy and highly effective products and services to help you compost. Please see these links for more information. TALLBOY™ OWC GOBBARA gaadi™ For any help or composting requirement, mail us on,
Sewage Treatment Plant manufacturer, riteways now has long installed STP's working satisfactorily on roof tops, perhaps the only company to be able to do so.
Great to see our product rejuWATER™ wastewater recycling unit supplied to M/s Taegu Tec, Bangalore covered by Make in India Budget Yatra – CNN IBN.
Waste to wealth, interested? write to us,
riteways contribution to Swacch Bharat movement is "Replace Kitchen Bin with Composting Bins". No mix up | No Landfills. Solid Waste Mangement, an easy way.