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TALLBOY® Green Waste Reprocessors riteways introduces a series of "Green Waste Reprocessors" (GWR's) for effective food waste management without using electricity or heat. TALLBOY® GWR is a Compost Equipment that works as an organic fertilizer plant. It decomposes organic waste and converts it to rich organic manure. TALLBOY® GWR organic manure plant is available in 5 Kg/day, 20 Kg/day, 10 Kg/day, 35 Kg/day, 70 Kg/day & 100 Kg/day capacities. A Solid Waste Composting method that runs free of cost. Our food waste management program generates carbon credits much higher than any other system in the market. TALLBOY® GWR aerobic compost system works without any foul odor and produces rich brown, earthy smell, fully digested, ready to use, highly nutritious compost. The simple & natural system is not only fully automatic, but beats all 24-hr composters. Visit us, http://rite-ways.com/ We're looking for franchisee's, http://garbagemoolah.com/ Keywords: owc plant, converter, organic waste treatment plant, green waste reprocessor, food waste management, wet waste management, composting, compost, composter machine, compost machine, 24-hr composters, 24-hr composting, organic waste composter, organic waste management, food waste management, OWC, food waste composting machine, Compost Equipment, Solid Waste Composting, Bio Fertilizer Plant, aerobic compost system, biofertilizer plant, organic manure plant
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